A Spanish Lunch Episode 2! Malaga


Photo: Casa Guardia, Malaga, by Mike Randolph

In this episode Mike and Ben head down to glorious Malaga and find the coolest food/alleyway combination in the world, wonderful street sounds, a glorious fish market, and a hard-to-beat lunch by the sea.

Places we visit in the episode:

Casa Aranda – for churros
Mercado Central de Atarazanas – the fish market
El Balneario – Baños del Carmen – El Balneario restaurant
El Tintero – for lunch


A Spanish Lunch Episode 1! Escape to Avila


In episode one Mike and Ben head from Madrid’s El Doble bar (above) out to the frozen plains of Avila (yes, it gets very cold in Castilla y Leon in January!) to search  out the most unlikely lunch recommendation they’ve had so far. Followed up by searching for a mummified finger and then cake shopping with cloistered nuns.